Asio4all is an audio driver designed by Michael Tippach which finds value in managing audio files in various desktops and laptops. It works on the WDB technology and the installation of this driver is very quick and easy.

Unlike the other drivers, Asio4all does not interfere with your existing drivers. At any point of time, if you want to revert to your original drivers, you can do that with a few mouse clicks. The usage of Asio standard by the driver helps in extracting better Windows response.

Asio4all extends the Asio performance to all the sound cards even if the manufacturer hasn’t released the Asio supporting software. The only prerequisite is that the devices should have a WDM driver installed already. Support for MIDI keyboard is a big plus for this application.

Another plus for the application is its support. Full documentation in PDF format is installed along with the software and you can also depend on the form for discussion and for handling your problems. The tool is also available in many languages and that helps in quick adaptation in most parts of the world.

On the negative side, the driver does not support all the operating systems. Since all audio cards do not have similar characteristics, the performance may vary from one card to another.

Download ASIO4ALL.

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