Backup Platinum is an extremely convenient application specially designed to provide backup assistance to users for their important files and programs. This program is a potent backup program designed to support Microsoft Windows. With this application you can easily generate a virtual reserve copy of your sensitive data and store it in varied types of data usage media like USD drives, DVD/ CD, LAN, FTP etc. It establishes a backup set by optimizing the “Wizzard Approach” by defining where, when and how elements for the backup copy.

The eminent features of Backup Platinum like 128 bit encryption and ZIP compression store your backups safely in a compressed format so that your disk has enough space to work at a fast pace. The in built CD / DVD engine allows users to easily erase the existent data in a rewritable disk so as to burn them for writing new data. It automatically divides large backup content into myriad parts by its inbuilt feature of disk spanning. Backup Platinum is highly based on the multi-threaded file processing engine which streamlines the process of accessing various operations by creating their shortcut logos. The striking feature of this application is that it can operate various scheduled tasks, even when the user is away, by optimizing the mode of 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Since Backup Platinum even creates reserve copies for open files, your system won’t fail to process these files, in usage by the user. The latest version of this application, version 4 is upgraded with latest features like Blu ray media support, command line interface for file import as well as export.

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