Free Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7

The new Operating System launched by Microsoft, Windows 7 is giving some issues regarding the Bluetooth device of the users. The major issue faced by most users is that there are compatibility issues with the driver for Bluetooth. Users need to install the driver before using the benefits of Bluetooth. But, most users are facing with the driver itself.

The Bluetooth Driver Installer is a tool that can help you solve your problems and enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth. This tool attempts to download and install almost all the Microsoft Drivers for the Bluetooth device. It creates a restore point before making changes in your system. Restore points are necessary because they help you get back to the last settings in case anything goes wrong.


In order to solve or fix issues with the Bluetooth Driver follow the steps given below:

  • Bluetooth Drivers which already exist in your system need to be completely removed.
  • Reboot the system after removing the earlier drives installed.
  • Click on the Cancel button if Windows prompts for the Windows7 driver installation.
  • Select the Bluetooth Driver Installer and double click on it.
  • Wait till the process of installation is over
  • Reboot the system again


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