Pentaho Open BI Suite is a business intelligence platform which does all the functions of a typical BI software such as data mining, Extraction-Tansformation-Loading (ETL), analyzing the data and projecting the results in customized report formats and dash boards. The entire functions are loaded on top of a workflow engine thus providing a comprehensive business intelligence product.

Pentaho has excellent data management functions which allows you to drag and drop complex data and form reports in various formats such as PDF, excel and plain text to name a few. The dash board allows you to have a quick view of the processed data at any point of time. You can either use the entire product or select only those modules which are of interest to you.

The Pentaho BI suite is an open source product and hence it can be downloaded and used free of any payment. Further there is complete transparency on the software and you can view the source code for a better understanding. There is also a network of people who are always too eager to support you on any queries or clarifications you have on the product.

Pentaho product can easily be integrated into any IT infrastructure. Its web based interface is extremely good and provides a very convenient way of searching and providing reports on a large volume of data.

[ Download Pentaho Open Business Suite ]



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