You can imagine how apt a software Ashampoo Home designer can be especially if you are into home and interior designing. It furnishes you with several options to creatively plan you own home in 3D. First of all, you save on the exuberant charges of the designers. Secondly you can use your own creative skills to decorate your home. It is through AShampoo home designer that you are able to view the inside outside plan, from each and every angle in detail.

This helps you cross check and rectify any mistakes you might have over looks. You also have the facility to put 3D people to give it a more realistic look. It gives you the opportunity it try your hand at various designs and how you please, spending as much time as you want with what fits and how it looks. This helps you to have a clear view before attempting to invest on a particular product. The 3D look gives you a different feel than that of just looking at the pencil sketches on paper.

Home designer holds the capacity to export home plans from HD to 3D CAD, import objects obtained by way of 4 3D CAD products, measurement tools and several others. With the genuine serial number, it is possible to obtain Ashampoo Home Designer without having to pay $19.99.


* Capable of creating 3D plans for your home.
* Capable of importing objects created with any of the 4 3D CAD products.
* In-Built measurement tool.
* Rotating, dragging and clicking enabled.
* Capable of inserting 3D people in the rooms.
* CAD – quality home planning for everyone without experience or any special skills.
* Save components and materials lists as PDF,RTF, or XML files.
* Add dimensions in seconds with a few mouse clicks-automatic measurements.

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1] Download Ashampoo Home designer from any of these links:

Ashampoo homepage

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Using Ashampoo Home Designer can be compared to a child’s play where she designs her doll house the program lets you change, shift or move anything you want, simply by dragging and clicking your mouse. Once this is done, Ashampoo Home Designer gives you a rough estimate of the total cost of the materials you have used.

Users can view anything inside out, above and even below. They can zoom-in, zoom-out for an over all view too. You can change in seconds and experiment with as many layouts as you please and instantly check whether the materials match the rest of the design. Also measurements can dimensions are very essential when you draw a plan for your home. In this software, you just activate the measurement tool and drag to your convenience to get the exact dimension. It also helps you communicate your requirements effortlessly to the contractors, in case you decide to hire them!


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