Gliffy – An Excellent Web Based Free Application for Creating and Sharing Diagrams

If your profession or your project involves using Visio for preparing network diagrams or process maps, you might also want to know about the free web based software application, an alternative for Microsoft’s Visio called Gliffy.

Gliffy if the application which allows you to create diagrams like the process flow charts, network diagrams, UML models etc, and the best part about this software is that it is absolutely free to use.

If you have to create diagrams like the Flow Charts and Organization Charts in your company, and if it involves sharing the diagrams with multiple users for modification and creation, Gliffy could turn out to be the ultimate solution for your company.

Surprisingly, this web based application responds to your commands quite fast, which is very unlike many other web-based applications. You will really get the feeling of running the software in your local machines, and not on the Internet networks.

You can easily make various different types of design ranging from the Basic Shapes to UML, Relationship diagrams, Entity-Network diagrams, Floor-plans, User Interfaces, Flow charts etc.

Very much like the Visio, the features of this software are quite easy to use, and you can create even the complex diagrams just by dragging, dropping and naming the items. You could also insert the images from your local hard drive, and integrate them with the diagrams that you create with the software.

The software allows unlimited storage of public diagrams. However, with the free accounts, you’ll be able to save only three diagrams privately. This limitation could be of slight hindrance to you if you are creating confidential diagrams, or if you do not wish to share your diagrams with others.

If you are running a small business, it would make a better business sense for you to invest only $30.00 annually on Gliffy, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for purchasing Visio. You could also purchase your accounts for two years with a discounted price of only $45.00.

The diagrams that you create online using Gliffy can be easily published online or sent as e-mail attachments. Your Blogs will look really great with some of the professionally created diagrams using Gliffy.

Another important feature of Gliffy is that you needn’t worry about losing any of your work, as it automatically saves all your diagram creations. Additionally, you could easily resize the objects without distorting them, since the graphical representation of the diagrams is vector based in this application. This is one software with which quite an exceptional, and has lived up to its promise.

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