Moodle is Open source course management software which helps the creation of learning communities online. Moodle can be used by one instructor orPosts multiple instructors and the students can be as much as 200000. The software works on the principle of interaction among the participants being the catalyst for spreading the knowledge.

Moodle community is spread all over the world residing in 196 countries covering close to 70 languages. The customizable software is supported by hundreds of programmers across the world who enhance the value of the application on a continuous basis. Moodle allows individual feedback to be obtained for all the assignments which makes the performance tracking of the students an easy task.

Moodle has collaborated with teachers worldwide who have contributed rich resources in the form of contents and methods of teaching. The latest version of the software uses tagging which links users and the course with external resources such as informative websites such as Wikipedia and YouTube.

Moodle is extremely popular with the user community. The students have found that the usage of Moodle has improved their communication with the fellow students and the other user groups with similar interests. It is also reported that the usage of an interactive tool like Moodle has helped the students with better problem solving skills and improved technical knowledge.

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