I must again state how crucial it is to always backup your info often. For instance, I have 3 250GB hard drives and everything is saved from the time I began to use the PC which was ten years back. If I loose the information which I found ten years gone, I may not eve find it on the web today. There are loads of paths to backup your info and today I am going to talk about mirroring your information using info mirroring software.

Info Mirroring means you’ve got the precise same copy as the source on other location. For example , C:\data.doc is the first file. You then have another copy of data.doc on other drives. It is an agony to everyday backing up your info by duplicating to another location. To simplify this backup, you may use a third-party information mirroring software to help you mirror your info. MirrorFolder is a real-time mirroring and synchronization software to backup files on local / network / removable drive / disk from local hard disk. You can mirror your vital folders, or maybe a whole drive, on another local / network / removable drive / disk either in real-time or in auto-synchronization mode. It works on Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP.

Once a mirror is setup, mirroring is done noiselessly in the background without requiring any further effort or attention from you. Options are available to exclude file types and sub-folders from mirroring. You can also optionally repository mirror files within a zip file intermittently. This info mirroring software is fully integrated with Windows and needs small system resources, e.g, memory, processor time, etc, for running itself.

MirrorFolder is Free to Use for 30 days, and costs $39 to buy. Buying this software is a very worthy investment if you have loads of data that you want to preserve.

[Download MirrorFolder]


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