From the makers of the free and open productivity suite – OpenOffice, there is another product – OpenOffice Base, known as Base among the technical community, which is a database management system that resides on your desktop.

The beauty if this program is: it is so versatile that it can be used for tracking your CD collection and also for creating a company wide employee database. It works well in both small applications as well as large corporate environment.

Being open source software, the database management tool works well with almost all the platforms existing today. It is also supported by a group of enthusiasts which ensures that the bugs are attended to in time and that new features are implemented regularly and in quick time.

OpenOffice Base can be used either for maintaining an existing database or for creating new ones. The tool has various wizards which makes the creation of forms and reports easy especially for beginners. However, Base is also for professionals who have a special liking to its grid editing features which allows fast overview and update of database tables.

Base has various predefined table definitions for a range of common applications such as managing invoices, orders, customers and assets. This makes the task of building such application an easy and quick task.

Base also helps you to have your own personal database with a simplified design and configured for a single user. The personal database also supports flat files for ease of use for the individuals.

[ Download OpenOffice Base ]

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