BioniX wallpapers give users an ultimate customizable desktop managing system that automatically keeps cycling your desktop wallpapers, so as to render a fresh look every time you log in. To make its interface more user-friendly, the latest version brings to you the ease of a button, “get wallpapers”. This button will take you to a range of thousand free-to-download wall papers, saving you from the pain of conducting web search every time you want a new look for your desktop.

BioniX supports almost all the formats in pictures, namely, JPEG, EMF, ICO, BMP and GIF. You can set the cycling time as per your own convenience. The most important advantage of using BioniX is that it searches and gathers the wallpapers from all over the system and hard disk and saves them in a sole playlist.

You can position these images in numerous directories and hard disks, at your ease. You can also generate varied playlists and keep juggling between them as and when required. Further you can easily access these playlists via the means of play list editor. With BioniX, you can maintain a list of more than 50,000 wall papers in a single playlist. The images can be displayed to you one by one by the wall paper changer. If you have deleted an image, this wall paper manager will automatically skip that invalid file image.

This application also has a playlist navigation that allows you to go back and move forward while viewing your images. This application is available for free and does not require the support of any other program to function.

[ Download BioniX ]


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