If you are using Tivo or Windows Media Center, then you have a better and free alternative software which can replace them. MythTV is an opensource, free Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which can be used to record any of your TV shows, either on digital TV or on Analog TV. MythTV can be used to pause live TV, skip a part or even rewind live TV.

There are a lot more added advantage if with MythTV. It has an inbuilt smart recorder, which detects and skips the commercials, with manual cutlist editor that lets you edit the end video if in case it goes wrong. There are options for you to schedule recording and hence you don’t really need to be around your system to manually record it. Just imagine, you can set/schedule the recording on and go out and do what ever you want while MythTV records all your favorite TV shows for you and archives them for you to watch them in your spare time.

Scheduling goes a mile extra, giving you the flexibility to schedule and administer most of its function remotely via a web browser. Now you can sit in your office and remotely control everything from your office through the web browser over internet !!

MythTV, though was originally written to run on Linux, is now available for MacOS X and Microsoft Windows.

Some of the other cool features are :

1> Facility to burn all the TV recordings or video files on to DVDs.

2> You can browse images and photos on your TV.

3> Play various music files and playlists of various file formats.

4> Organize your digital media content on your system.

5> Remotely control your data via internet.

6> Integration with your NetFlix and much more.

[ Download Myth ]


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