Spamgourmet basically takes care of all the spam mails we get on our mail account. Now most of us have a bad habit of circulating our email addresses to everyone so it is quite obvious that we will get Spam mail. Some times spam mails transfer viruses to our computer if we open and read them, which can be very dangerous for the system.

Spamgourmet is here to solve our problem by blocking out all the spam mails we get in our email account. Spamgourmet offers perfect protection for your computer against all spam mails. All you need to do is create an account with Spamgourmet. You have to submit your username and you also have to enter the email address that you wish to protect. You will be given a code in the form of a picture which you have to match and after that your account will get created.

Spamgourmet will then send this address to all the other addresses. Your email will become protected and you don’t have to tell anyone about it. By choosing an appropriate username you can also control the number of messages you would like to receive in this email. After you have confirmed the protected email address you can give out these self destructive emails to whoever you want.

By creating an account with Spamgourmet you can filter out all the spam mail beforehand and only the mails you want to receive will make it to your address.

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