MindTouch is a popular wiki platform used for creating contents with a wiki interface. It is free open source software used for authoring, organizing and sharing the contents on the wiki platform. It includes a fantastic WYSIWYG editor, LDAP integration and various third party tools to create applications which can be widely used by the online community.

MindTouch can also be used for building collaborative application extracting data from various sources in the internet. The flexible architecture of the program allows its abilities to be added to any of the existing programs without bothering its language or technology.

MindTouch supports two desktop applications which are of prime importance. The first one is Desktop connector which is used for exchanging files with Wiki using a simple drag and drop application. The Outlook connector helps to publish emails and email attachments with a one click operation.

The two desktop tools mentioned above increases the efficiency of MindTouch significantly. It also comes with a powerful search engine which is of enterprise class and can be used to index all the pages and file types.

MindTouch supports multiple languages while building the applications. The language can be specified quite easily while building the contents and one can use different languages in different sections. Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) is used to build MindTouch and this enabled high level of connectivity for this application.

[ Download MindTouch Core ]



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