In this article, I’ll not be getting into the topic of, how to go about finding the individual device drivers (those who do not know, read what device drivers are) and taking their backups manually. Not all of us have the time or the patience to first learn about how to identify the device drivers, and about how to take their backups.

Well, why would you actually need to go through all the trouble, when you could easily use free software, with which you can easily take the backups of all your device drivers and restore them whenever the need arises?

However, you will be able to get the latest updates of the drivers on this software, only if you purchase the paid versions. DriverMax is a very handy application which is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you do not go through the free registration process, you will get a reminder splash screen while running the software.

This is a very useful application to have, and I barely had any idea about some of the device drivers that it actually identified in my system. When I cross verified it, I was pretty happy, that it had backed up all my current drivers.

While running the software, it will first identify all the drivers and display the list for your confirmation. Please be patient while it backs up your drivers, and you can see the progress on the software while it is happening.

Your drivers will normally amount up to 40 MB in size, and they could be compressed to around 20 MB. You could also organize them into neat folders and zip them for future use.

If you are concerned about the health of your computer, you might want to buy the software that will give you the most updated device driver versions for your computer. Normally such software cost around 30 to $40.00 but I feel that they are well worth the buy. If you can afford, do not think twice. The hassle it saves you from, and the time you save because of it in the long run is worth $$$.

Some of the popular driver backup software (paid) applications are:

My Drivers – This software has a huge database of more than 58,000 drivers. They offer other special backup facilities like saving your bookmarks and favorites, and backing up the data on e-mail clients like the Microsoft outlook. This software costs $39.00.

Driver Magician – This device driver software costs $30.00 and you can get the latest device drivers of all your hardware.

Apart from the above mentioned software, there might be other software which will give you better features and options than what the Driver Max does. Please feel free to write to us if you have any suggestions that could help our readers.


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