DVDStyler is the fantastic software for DVD authoring in the Open software domain. Though it doesn’t have all the best features of the commercial software applications, the program has all the necessary capabilities and is easy to understand and operate. You can drag and drop movie clips, create a background screen, add the buttons and the assign the movies to the buttons. When the buttons are pressed, the corresponding movie will start playing.

The program gives all the fundamental editing tools required to make your own DVD. There is also a good tutorial to guide you through the basics, and then you could quite easily import the videos, cut them to bits, prepare the menus, give subtitles, add audio and to burn the disc. There is no need for any great technical knowledge to use this software which makes it a hit with the new users.

The entire application can be customized to your taste and requirements without much effort. There are multiple language options and any image can be used to create the menu. Modification of text can be done easily and menu templates are there in plenty to choose from. The burning of DVD also can be done very easily. All in all, I would rate DVDStyler as comprehensive software to prepare your DVDs.

[ Download DVDStyler ]


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