GMX the new free email service provider

Ever since Google launched Gmail, people have been hooked to it for email services. Gmail dominates the free email services today worldwide. Individual users and even corporate companies use Google Mail as primary email service for all their mailing needs.

A new free webmail service round the corner is giving stiff competition to the Global leader Google in the email services industry. This free webmail service provider called Global Mail Exchange or GMX in short has nearly 10 million supporters in the US alone. GMX was launched as the US Beta Version and has gained good enough exposure in the market.

GMX free email service provider is extending to all registered users a 5GB bulk storage space, with additional features like virus protection for all secured data transfers.

This service provider’s webmail client is accompanied by a user friendly interface, allowing a user with drag and drop utility for emails to different folders. GMX has a unique feature that comes very handy to consolidate different mail accounts.
GMX’s mail collector feature helps in consolidating the emails from different service providers like the Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail, and other providers. Another useful feature added is the organizer feature which helps in recording and tracking every event and appointment.

The excellent feature among others with GMX is that it allows a user to choose their email addresses ending wither with or or


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