Free Group Messaging From Google

Sms’s and Text Messages are the latest and most convenient way of remaining connected to your friends and loved ones. Free SMS Packs and offers are the latest sell outs amongst mobile phone users.

This trend has brought a revolution which helps users send SMS’s from the internet. There are a number of websites and portals that allows users to send free SMS’s across the globe.


The new Google SMS Channel launched by Google allows its users to send SMS’s all around the world. The portal also allows you to subscribe for blog updates, news alerts, score updates, jokes, horoscopes, community messages and lots more.

Google SMS Channel is absolutely free for both, the channel owner and subscriber. The user can create his/her own channel and get SMS alerts for every update made on the channel. You can ask your friends and relatives to join your channel and always be in touch.


  1. I tried to add international number to google sms channel,but it said invalid number
    Only Indian numbers can be sent sms?

    thanks and Regards,

  2. When I tried to add/invite an international number,it said invalid number., though it invited to the channel a national number.
    So how you say that google sms channel allows even international sms?


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