Clonezilla is a backup and restore software based on the principle of partition imaging. The software is extremely efficient and quick since it works only that part of hard disk which is in actual use. It is ideal software in case you lose your data due to a virus attack or a hard disk crash. The software comes in two versions, the server edition and Clonezilla Live.

The server edition is used in a multiple system environment such as an office network where 40 to 50 computers can be backed up at the same time and at an amazing speed. The Live version is meant for a single computer. The software can work on MS Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems since it supports multiple file systems.

The server edition also has the capability to do the cloning remotely when Wake on LAN and PXE are supported by the clients. It can also be used to back up the entire disk if needed. Clonezilla is excellent open source software for all the requirements of backup and restore.

As on date Clonezilla has some limitations such as not supporting incremental backup and the requirement for the partition to be un-mounted before starting the backup. It is also required that destination partition size should at least be equal to that of the source and the raid implementation is done manually.

Download Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (server edition)



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