How to Create Excellent HTML Templates with Your Pictures Using Picasa

Did you know that you can create excellent HTML web templates using your images by using Picasa?

Additionally, some of the templates that you can create using Picasa are even interactive and they respond to your clicks. If you are looking to make a picture gallery website without using the traditional thumbnails, this is surely an excellent option for you to try.

The templates are designed by the worldwide professionals who are very talented and creative. Each one of them has given his or her unique and creative touch to the templates that they have designed, and the best part is that they are absolutely free to download any use.

You can download a set of the 8 lovely templates from the website,

The downloaded files will be saved as the zip folders, and you will need to extract the zip folder contents into the ‘Templates’ folder. The path for the ‘Templatesfolders should be normally, C:\Program Files\Picasa2\web\templates. There might be some existing default folders inside the ‘Templates’ folder.

Now launch the Picasa software select the tab named ‘Folder’ on the top. Next, you’ll need to select the option, “Export as HTML Page” from the pull-down menu.

Now you will be able to select the pictures that you want to use on the template web-pages. You can also select the size of the photographs that you want to export, along with the name of the HTML webpage that you want to create. The software will automatically create the image copies that you select and save them inside the ‘image’ folder, inside your new template folder.

By using your images with this software to create the templates, you will be making sure that the original images do not get altered or modified.

Now you will need to click on Next to see the graphical review of all the templates with your images, which you’d saved in the ‘Templates’ folder in your Picasa program files. By moving over from one template to another, you will see some of the amazing web pages with your selected images. Select the one you like for your template.

Once you finish this, you can easily upload the created templates and use them as attractive web-pages.


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