I’ve already covered about a lot of free image / video capturing tools, and in fact Jing is included in that list. Jing being a free software and one of my favorite, I thought it needs a separate mention and hence this post.

Jing Project is multi-utility image capturing and video recording tool which allows users to capture their screen content. With this application you can easily record the activities going on, on your screen in forms of videos, images. Once you have captured the desired video or image, you can save it in your hard drive for your records. Or you may also save the image / video as image HSP to further upload the material whenever required.

This image utility application provides provisions to better or enhance our communication. Our major media of conversations through IM chats, blogs, emails, comments etc have been replaced with visual representations that show what you want to convey. Via Jing Project, instead of words, you can send across pictures that details the other person on your status and messages. This application takes you to the world where you integrate screen images and screen casts for a better visual representation of words.

Jing Project is an integral part of Tech Smith Project that has a significant capacity to take images and videos of what users intend to do and see around. Via this application, users can capture images instantly by selecting the part on the screen to be captured. You can also easily record videos of the activities going on, on the screen, in just a few seconds.

This application is available for free download and can be installed on Windows XP, Mac OX and Windows Vista. Your system has been loaded with Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 and a flash player.

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