Shup is a freeware image utility application by This application is predominantly optimized for uploading, editing image for Windows’ users. Users, with this application, can easily capture screenshots of your desktop and active windows and further initiate the inbuilt paint tool automatically to crop the image. The key advantage of Shup is that with this tool you can quickly convert the screenshot into a web link and further share it with your peers and colleagues.

This application is best used for enabling a fast upload of files, especially those supporting Windows plugins or shell extensions. Apart from uploading files, you can also upload varied hosts like, ImageShack, Flickr, Stashbox, PhotoBucket and Waffle Images. You can further easily generate varies custom site profiles and upload them to your web server. With the installation of the application you also get access to a PHP script that contains all the imperative instructions to kick start this application.

Shup keeps a close check and updates records on the numerous uploaded files both in system’s database that is searchable as well as in the archive of uploaded images maintained by your system. Also, it gets frequent updates from the history section which displays the details of the files uploaded, like filename and URL. This application has made image editing easy and convenient for novice users. Using all the possibilities in editions, tools like paint brush, highlighter, rectangle tool, cropping takes you the next level of editing. To avail this application, users just have to connect with the ignite network to create an image subjected to edition with other users.

[ Download Shup ]


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