Free International Calls From Your PC

Calling to a mobile phone from the computer is a craze these days as it helps save a lot of money and is extremely convenient to those stuck on the computers for long hours. Evaphone is the provider of free calls from your computer to any part of the world.

It offers its users unlimited calls worldwide. This service is totally free and the users just have to see a commercial video lasting 30 seconds before a call gets through.


The requirements to obtain this free service are that you need to have an internet connection and a computer with microphone. This service includes almost all countries in the world but the time limit of each call varies from country to country.

For some countries you are allotted a time limit of 10 seconds and for some it might go up to 60 seconds.  The time limit is a drawback but you can make calls as many number of times as you want to. The only work you have to do is to reconnect every time it gets disconnected. This much is pretty much acceptable for free calls to any destination in the world.


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