Free Japanese USA VPN Account To Play Games – You can use it from anywhere in China, India, Europe, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia,Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan – I’d say just name a place and you can use it from there!

To start with, those who have no idea what VPN is, please read this post – Virtual Private Network.

If you are wondering why you should have a VPN account, then listed below are some of the benefits of owning a VPN account:

* Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users
* Home Internet Users – Cable and DSL providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits!
* International Internet Users – Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls!
* Easy online ordering when you travel – Many order forms on the Internet will automatically block certain countries from even ordering.
* Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications like Skype
* Full anonymity by hiding your real IP.
* Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection)
* American Based Unique Personal Fixed USA & Euro IP’s
* Anonymous Internet Surfing
* Play any USA or Europe online games
* Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites
* Protection against your ISP

Now I assume that everyone here knows what VPN is, lets come to the sweeter part. All users who visit this blog often, now stand a chance to win a free account VPNTraffic – VPN Service providers from USA, JAPAN and many more places to be added, means, you can literally browse from a filtered network, just from anywhere !

We’ll be giving away 20 accounts from VPNTraffic via this post. Here’s the criteria for it:

1> If you are a blog owner, then write a post about this give-away contest and leave the link in the comments section. Please ensure, you write a meaningful post and not just one liner or a small paragraph.

2> If you do not own a blog, then leave a comment (a meaningful one, which can be selected), and I’ll pick 20 winners from the list later on. Write – where you are from, why do you want this account, how will you use this account, have you tried any other VPN service, and if you did what was the reason for you to give up with them.

Again, here let me emphasize that quality of comment matters, as I’ll out rightly delete the comments that do not meet quality standards, and being a chief editor on this blog, trust me I have to rights to do so ;).

Now get your gears on, go on comment, and win Free VPN accounts to Play games, work from office, or do something more productive 😉

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  1. Cool contest. For those who did not win though, you can go for free trials. There are a lot of vpn providers that offer free trial like purevpn, expressvpn and Astrillvpn. I started with Astrill and since their service is good, I stick with them and got paid subs.

  2. hi dear admin,
    I live in country call Myanmar, i am the one who love to play game, game is my life, i play a game call heroes of newearth online and i just love to play that game a lot, since they block i can’t play that game now, i found and read a lot in internet how can i solve that problem, finally all i can do it buying a nice VPN, ok i am a man who only get 1000kyats = 1$ per day i eat with that money i use it for living how can i buy such an expensive vpn, is a rare i found you here, i am really glad you help us like this, i play game all my free time, i don’t know politic i don’t know any other thing i just love to play game i am happy enough if i can play game, i do not know why they blocked gaming in my country or in our region maybe, i am a man who just play game i don’t interested in any other things, i am such a pure gamer i don’t hurt anyone i don’t do anything wrong i do not have any idea why they block to play games, it was so sad for me :(, but i found a light here which can bright for us thank you very much sir.
    p.s my english is broken so much, i hope you will understand what i mean

  3. hello ma’m and sir pls!i live in philippines.i need account for my pc.pls send me soon my account thnks and morepower.

  4. I live in China and need a free VPN with set up for my Iphone and also my Macbook which has Mac OS 10.6.8. Thank you.

  5. hello plese send to me a vpn acount because menny sites and apps like skipe and more in iran was blocked. (thank you verry mutch!)

  6. HELLO i want to forget free vpn & pay some money to get a vpn account & i dont expect u give me a free account but if it was possible it was so good because i could to save money at first & after that i was confident by the way i m from iran & its yuck that some of popular site r blocked in iran

  7. hello i am from iran and i need a vpn because menny sites in iran was blocked and i need use skipe and more apps

  8. @Sterebi – The owner wants it to be a give away, and he still hasn’t given a go green signal. Once he does, randomly people will be chosen and the accounts will be sent to them.

  9. stay away from this.there is no prize and no account here

    it’s just scam will overload your email box with spamming bot mails from criminal networks.

  10. Hello dear,I’m in China now and I really need a free Japanese VPN work with iphone for study.Looking forward to your letter,thank you.

  11. hi, i’m from iran too.
    and i think u don’t need explanation for us.we need this more than anyone else.please

  12. hi dear!i live in Iran i want free account please send me user name and password and IP and connection, thanks a lot !

  13. Hello-
    After searching for a free VPN for… 3 hours now, I haven’t found a single one that will provide me an US IP without having to activate it every 20 minutes or so. This makes it impossible for me to game with my US friends, who I can’t really hang out with unless in-game.

    That’s why I’ve decided to give this a try and actually post here, since I’ve tried 3 or 4 VPNs and none of them have worked so far.

    The increasing censoreship here in Spain makes it hard to find anything at all anymore, even on youtube or just blogs. We just can’t access them. Being a girl who also loves gaming with online friends, it’s really frustrating not to be able to.

    Of course, those free VPNs that need to be “reloaded” every 7-20 minutes kick me out of games constantly, so yeah… I really hope I can get a good VPN with an US IP.

    Thanks a lot for reading and for holding this up.

  14. Hello, I am a huge fan of foreign games, and I can never play them due to getting IP blocked, I would really appreciate this software!

  15. I am an avid gamer from USA. My favorite game was stripped away from NA/EU gamers about 2 years ago. The company who kept the game alive was limiting the game to only koreans with KSSN and korean ip. They are working on a global re-release of the game and are currently in a testing phase for Japan that only requires a japanese IP. I was using PacketiX for awhile to access the game which recently stopped working for me and I have received no response back about why. I have been searching the net for another usable yet affordable VPN to access this game and came across your post. I have looked at and their service seems to be what I am looking for but there is no way for me to test it to be sure it will work for my needs. If you could help me out with a free account to see how good it is I would appreciate it. If I am able to access the game again and play then the monthly cost of this service would be well worth it, I just dont want to pay for something without knowing for sure it will do what I need it to. Hope to hear from ya soon.

  16. hi , i am from iran , i need vpn , please help me , here all sites is blocked , thanks a lot . . . . . . where is freedom ????

  17. Hello Mr.admin of Techbuzz

    At first, i have to thank you for your great post and my appreciation for your contest.
    I’m now living in Asia and there was a game i really love to play. However the provider of that game was really bad with terrible services and poor attitude with customers. Till now,i still want to enjoy it but the game is nearly die. Fortunately, there is another official version of it in USA,i tried for sometime and made alot of friends there but now they block all ip from my nation due to law or areas or something i dont know yet.
    It was so sad of saying goodbye to my friends and leaving the first game i thought it was good.

    Please help me if u can.
    If u cant,thanks for reading my words anyway ^^

  18. hello plese send to me a vpn acount because menny sites and apps like skipe and more in iran was blocked. (thank you verry mutch!)

  19. hello i am from iran and i need a vpn because menny sites in iran was blocked and i need use skipe and more apps

  20. Work has completely blocked off outside websites even at break/lunch times. It would be very nice if you may kindly provide me an account to use with.
    Thank you very much!

  21. hello! I am from iran and i need a vpn account to access the cencorless internet! please give me a VPN connection!

  22. I really appreciate the VPN, Will be travelling to China over thanksgiving need a secure, and fast VPN. As a student and a prospective reporter , i would be the ideal face for the give away.

  23. Hello admin,hello techbuzz!

    That’s a very generous offer from and vpntraffic of course.Both thanked!

    First of all please admin can you kindly feedback to us when is the deadline for participation on this contest?
    Also this account will be for lifetime or for a short period?And will give access also to korean and italian servers(as vpn traffic has more servers on their site) or not?

    And now after these kind queries i begin with my appreciation for your contest.

    I live and work mainly in europe so i would like to have a solution for safe browsing and ip blocking bypass.Also i’m travelling sometimes in iran for business.

    So i really need a credible solution (and also to suggest such one to colleagues…) for example when i’m in france to protect me from hadopi privacy issues.

    Encryption matters for communication and shopping online or professional deals when especially you are in iran.

    Also my children would have a good option for playing games online with a fast and credible server from vpntraffic as i hope and believe it will be !

    I have used some free solutions like ultra vpn but is a little bit slow and i want a usa server as well to access some music like pandora or hulu when it comes to entertainment contect geo-restricted.

    I tried paid option solution of vpn but i was not so satisfied due to speed,privacy,logging policy and type of countries offered as servers and my colleagues too when we tried it at the past.

    I heard good thinks about vpn traffic and on twitter and i think it worths a participation on this nice contest on

    Thnaks for your attention.I hope you appreciate my remarks.

    Kind regards



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