Download Zimbra – A Free Messaging And Collaboration – Client And Server Platform

Zimbra is a feature rich open source groupware which does a whole lot of seemingly impossible tasks using the web browser. It does chat in a secure mode, file-sharing, task management, iPhone interface and many more. Zimbra, with its Desktop program, allows you to be in the browser mode even when you are in offline mode.

Zimbra works on almost all platforms in existence today and is the ideal product in a multiplatform environment. Zimbra (the licensed version) gives a variety of features at the most competitive prices and has a support network which could be the envy of the best organizations across the world.

With collaboration being the keyword in the office automation market Zimbra is the right product for all. It has web based interface for calendar, contacts and mail and the entire set works very well with currently used applications like Outlook, Mac Mail and Thunderbird apart from being compatible with many mobile devices.

Zimbra has two versions, one open sourced and the second licensed. The free software has almost all the features of the licensed software except for the support which is customized and provided by a group of value added resellers. The groupware is also used by many ISPs and other hosting companies which provide comprehensive solutions to individual users.

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