PSI is an instant messaging client which is fully compatible with other clients such as ICQ, MSN and AIM. Psi works with jabber which is a widely used protocol for instant messaging. Psi has complete Unicode support which makes chatting in any language a possibility.

Jabber network is actively used by many popular chat applications such as Google Talk, Live journal etc and many more enterprises and educational institutions are joining the bandwagon. Psi facilitates chatting with anyone connected to this global network of instant messaging.

Psi works with many platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It is designed in such a way as to make full use of the unique features of individual operating systems and gives you a fantastic messaging experience. Psi is fast and it does not put any of the system resources under strain. The localized versions of Psi are available in almost 20 languages.

Psi screens can be customized to a great extent in terms of its icons, colors and emoticons. Further the user community keeps adding many customized patterns and you will always find some pattern which matches your taste and personality.

Psi is open source software and is available for free downloading. It is supported by a skilled user community and so the versions with better features are always on the way.

[ Download PSI Instant Messaging ]


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