Free MP4, WMA, MP3, AAC Search With Google

Google is the most common term among internet users. No matter whom you are and what you are looking for, this search engine helps you get the results faster than even lightening. Google not only helps users to search for information but also files and other useful documents. Some of the most searched files or documents include music, torrents, books, lyrics, proxies, videos and other files.

The best deal for music lovers is that it helps you search for MP4s, MP3s, AACs, OGCs, WMAs and other formats of music files. These files uploaded and shared by a number of users are always available for downloading by searching for them through Google.

There are numerous ways to search for something you want, but what does matter is the precision with which the search is done, i.e. getting exactly what you require. The same applies when you want to search for a particular song or music album. Most of the searching techniques involve Google’s advanced searching operations. These operators can also be used to get direct links to download the required song.


The best way to search for a music file with maximum precision is given below

  • Open the Google homepage
  • Type in your query in the format: “index of” [ mp3, aac, wma, wav, mp4 (format of the required audio file)] [ song, artist, album or singer name] or

Index.of [mp3, aac, mp4, wav, ogg (format of the required audio file)] [singer, album, artist or song name] or

“parent directory” [aac, wav, mp3, wma, mp4 (format of the required audio file)] [ singer, artist, album or song name] – html – download links

You can fill in either the song name or artist name or the name of the album to have precise results of your search query. This format helps the operators to filter the results and provide you with the best possible search results, e.g. index of / mp3 / Rihana.


On giving the above query, you will get all the results related to songs sung by Rihana and all of them will be in MP3 format. Click on any of the result and you will be directed to the website having the downloading link.

Once you obtain an audio file you were looking for, just right click on the link and then select “Save Target”. This will start downloading the required song on to your system. Thus in a very simple process you can get the desired song using your favorite search engine.


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