Download a free, simple, powerful multi-track music/audio production studio software using which you can create, record, edit, mix music and podcats from a single environment.

Jokosher is a very useful tool if you are a budding musician and want to try and test your skills. Being a multi-track studio, you get complete solution you’d otherwise get in a real studio !

To make it easier for musicians, jokosher speaks musicians language and has a very easy to use interface. The tools to edit, split and trim music is a breeze to use ! VU sliders give you easy access to multi-track volume mixing.

One other cool feature musicians would love is that you can add a range of instruments to your project, they can muted or soloed as per requirement. And the created audio can be exported in various formats. You can also import audio of various format – Ogg Vorbis, FALC, WAV, MP3 and anything else GStreamer supports.

They have a very active forum that’s always ready to help you in case you run into any problem or need hand holding.

[ Download Jokosher ]

Some screen shots to give you an idea what Jokosher looks like when in use :

1> When you start Jokosher you are presented with a welcome dialog to get started straight away!

Free Multi-Track Audio Production Software

2> The main recording view – this is where you record, edit and move music.

Free Multi-Track Audio Production Software

3> The main mixing view – here you can adjust the volume of your instruments and see their levels.

Free Multi-Track Audio Production Software

4> Jokosher allows you add a range of different instruments.

Free Multi-Track Audio Production Software


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