Audio Music Editor is an application which can be used to modify the audio files by adding effects and improving the quality. It can do many functions such as merging several files, cutting a file to multiple parts, recording, converting to different file formats, work as an audio player and function as an audio loop player.

The Editor supports various formats such as WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG, G721, MP2, G726, G723, VOX, U-LAW, GSM, A-LAW, ADPCM, DSP, APE (export only), CDA(input) and FLAC (export only).

It is also able to add the effects such as chorus, delay and flanger. The program is able to sample wide range of MP3 frequency from 8000 Hz to 44100 Hz. The application also boast of having multiple filters such as low pass filter and high pass filter.

Though the application is priced, the trial version is available for downloading without any payment. With the trial version you can do almost everything albeit with some limitations. You can open only one file at a time and save function is limited to 3 files. Combining files is a little harder in the trial version as compared to the priced version.

Though Audio Music Editor is an excellent program with a user friendly interface, it is more suitable for average users. The program does not seem to offer anything special for professional users. Professional users should get a copy of FL Studio.

[ Download Audio Music Editor ]


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