AudioPhiler Music organizer is a great piece of software which gives you a single location where you can store all your music collection in different media and in different formats. It also has provision to store all information related to your music such as titles, albums, producers and artists. The entire data is organized in a database with a tree structure for easy understanding.

The application makes the storage and update of the data very easy. It is also possible to have a comprehensive view of your entire data and it is also possible to create and print the labels. Apart from the labels, you can also take a structured print out of the information attached to the program.

Loading the information of your audio track is also easy. Once you put the CD in your CD ROM, the program will collect all related information from the internet and stores the same at the appropriate places. You can also add specific information such as the place from where you purchased, the title, and the cost of purchase.

The latest version of the application has several improvements in performance and speed especially while dealing with large databases. The software is a shareware and the trial version can be downloaded and used. The trial version is good enough for all practical purposes.

[ Download AudioPhiler Music Manager ]

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