A 2 GBFree Space is Offered For Online Backup Software for Mac OS by iDrive

Mac is a special exclusive OS for APPLE gadgets. It is well known for its simplicity, reliability and its ease of use. iDrive is introduced by Pro Softnet for Mac users. This is easy, specific and convenient software that provides online backup for our files and folders automatically.

This software facilitates the users to specify the files or folders that should be backed up by defining a specific backup schedule. iDrive provides online backup by compressing the data and later utilizes 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption characteristic during file changes.

Characteristics of iDrive used for Mac:

  • It provides additional backup which preserves bandwidth by backing up only the portion of files that are modified.
  • It influences bandwidth by the feature bandwidth Throttle.
  • Facility to provide backup for future date and time.
  • Provision that will switch off the power automatically. Machine will be turned off automatically if once a backup is completed.

iDrive can be made easy to access for the user with the help of a plug-inĀ  that unites with Mac OS X, through which users can easily drag and drop the files or folders that are to be restored.

[Visit iDrive]


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