Data loss dues to system crash / hard-drive crash has become such a common issue these days. It’s not in your hand to prevent system crash / hard-drive crash, but protecting and saving your data is definitely well within your reach, provided you take necessary measures.

Now, not all of us are really that smart enough to take measures before hand and we do end up losing data at some point. For people like us, we can use third party tools to recover lost data using good data recovery tools.

Drive HQ is an immensely reliable tool to retrieve your data lost due to inevitable system crashes, hard drive crashes that makes you loose your critical content forever. This application is a potent backup program that rids you from your hovering fear of loosing your imperative data by providing effective backup provisions. With this application, you can be undoubtedly assured of automatic updates on the back up copies during changes or editions made in the original text. This means that if your system crashes while you were making changes in the original file, your backup file will also reflect the latest changes.

Drive HQ is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is register with the site with your existing email address and a desired password and then create a back up folder. Doing this would automatically start creating and saving the copies of the original files and keep saving them with the latest updates.

The incredible advantage of this backup program is that it saves the copies of your original content in a compressed format so that they don’t occupy much of the disk space. This ensures a stabilized fast speed of your system. Other multi-utility features of Drive HQ include, scheduled backups, compatibility for history of file versions, email back up and file transfer encryption.

Drive HQ has been specially designed for easy and convenient access by the users with its simple and uncluttered interface. With the installation of this program, you also get free storage space of 1 GB.

[ Download Drive HQ ]


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