MyGoya Online Desktop is a unique online desktop that allows users to access their desktop from any system located in any part of the world. The only requisite for accessing this application is a system loaded with an internet connection. With myGoya Online Desktop, you not only get the ease of operating the desktop tools characteristic of your physical system’s desktop, but also get the advantage of availing some new operations that allow users to work independent of any physical location. Some of these features are email aggregator, efficient storage system, chat system, files sharing system with other media and a media player. With this application installed in any system, you can further build up network connections with other users via the means of its inbuilt feature, Group Functions.

With a sleek interface and all the functionality of the tools at your fingertips, you often feel that you are sitting at your own desktop; even you are working from any part of the world. One of the core features of myGoya Online Desktop is its capacity to facilitate communal discussions on varied topics, collective edition of files and folders, online chat and share of your new digital creations with online communities.

With this application you also avail yourself with the integrated services provided by MAGIX, like, Web Blog, Web hard drive and Online Media Album. MyGoya Online Desktop is most accessed for its simplified approach towards management, exchange and transfer of information across friends, colleagues, groups and online communities.

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