Panorama is a wider, clearer view of any painting, drawing, photography, film/video, or a three-dimensional model. A panoramic view is created by putting together a number of images into one single wider photograph; maybe from a series of overlapping photos with POS Panorama Pro, a free panorama software.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor too can coordinate panoramas, but if it is a software that you want, then you can try free Picture Viewer for Panoramas called WPanorama.

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Some of the interesting features of Panorama picture viewer are :

> With this free tool, panoramas can be viewed by scrolling horizontally or vertically on the screen.

> 360 degrees continuous scrolling.

> Back and forth scrolling for non 360 degree pictures.

> Automatic detection of 30 degree panoramas.

> Horizontal and vertical scrolling also possible.

> Multi-monitor systems support-the scrolling panoramas can be over many monitors!

> Mini slide show [one sample of it is included in the pack]

> It is possible to display slide shows in full screen with aspect ratio.

> Has a Mirror function for special interesting effects

> Miscellaneous stretch filters.

> Variable scroll increment and speed.

> Extensive help with detailed FAQs.

> Direct access from the programs to the update on the web.

> Pictures can be either in a window, or full screen.

> Possible to resize window by dragging its edges and corner.

> A user friendly dialog box allows to easily configuring slide shows.

> Toots to insert scrolling panoramas into movies by means of avi.files and to split the panorama into various bmp files.

> Possible to move the picture by dragging the mouse .

> Possible to show on a map, the location from where the panorama was shot.

> Possibility to superimpose a description to the scrolling panorama in the show.

> A logo can replace the description.

> Possibility of loading a panorama by double clicking on the icon of its configuration file and start a panorama show by double clicking on the icon of the image list file.

> Customizable default parameters for images.

> Possibility to associate music [mid, mp3ou, max files] with panorama.

[ Download the picture Viewer ]



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