Download Paragon CampTune Free For MacOS X

The Mac users can easily share the disk space between the partitions of hard drive utilized by MacOS with the help of CampTune for Mac OS X which is introduced by Paragon Software. Mac OS X, most of the time work with HFS+ file system, which is inharmonious with the senior file system NFTS on operating system of Windows. Due to inharmonious nature, users face few problems in using Windows PC and Macintosh machine together, as the files stored or saved on another operating system are not readable, writable, or accessible via BootCamp through Windows OS.

Now, here comes the name of CampTune, a utility tool by paragon software that allows its users to meet the demand having free space in partition for both the operating systems. It is very essential to run the application and to study the nature and the relationship of both the operating systems. With the help of CampTune, the size of partition can be adjusted or resized if user feels a need for it.

Paragon CampTune costs $19.95 per license. People who are interested can obtain free licensed software with Paragon promotion. There the older version of CampTune 7.5 is available for 3-day free trial. It is compatible with Mac OS. Users of Paragon CampTune can get registered for free version to get the serial number.

To utilize CampTune, users need to download the application and save the package with the extension name of .dmg. By double clicking on the icon of CampTune, you will be prompted with “Burn” with which you can copy and write CampTune to any of the writeable CD/DVD. After inserting the CD/DVD, reboot or turn your system on and users will be able to change the partition by just clicking on the “Apply” button.


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