KeePass is password management software which provides high security. It is an open source alternative to the expensive commercial software available in the market. The KeePass needs one master key which gives access to its database and you can have an additional disk-key for added security. You have the option of using one of the two keys or both as per your security requirements.

The database uses most secure encryption methods such as AES and Twofish which makes the breaking in a very difficult task for the best of encroachers. KeePass also can be made portable and it can be carried in a flash drive or a portable hard disk. The software runs without any installation on Windows systems. The software does not affect any files or directory in the system and there is no modification on the registry too.

The passwords can be organized into groups, icons can be assigned and auto- paste functions can be set up. Though the initial setting up of the software and the filling in data do take a considerable amount of time, the rest of the usage is very easy and you can achieve most of the functions by the click of a button.

There is also feature informing you the strength of the password as you type in and you have the option to use the same or look for a new one. KeePass works on Windows, Linux and MAC.

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