Free Password Management Tool To Make Your Browsing Pleasant

A Password Management tool called Roboform has been launched to support web enthusiast. This tool is very helpful for those, who enjoy surfing several web sites with self created “Username & Password”.

Each time a user logins to such websites, they have to type in their “Username & Password”. This is very irritating because those web sites are visited on a regular basis.

In such cases users can make computer system to store passwords, so that on a regular basis users don’t have to type in these passwords. Instead computer system fills in these passwords automatically.

Roboform is a windows desktop tool that stores all your passwords automatically when passwords are used to sign into these web sites.

Roboform will create a new folder and store records of each password entered. You can also either change or edit the outdated passwords to new passwords.

It is a free tool and can be downloaded to handle your passwords in a simpler form.


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