Threatened by the attacks of unwanted virus in your computer? We all want protection for our PC. However often we have to face the problem of virus attacks that can cause loss of valuable content. If there are multiple viruses in the computer then you might end up losing all our data or important files that you may have stored on the hard disk. Moreover your files may get corrupted or you may be denied any kind of processing in it.

To get rid of this virus attack, PC Tools, the makers of popular software “Spyware Doctor” have come up with a free edition of Firewall software. PC Tools Firewall Plus is a free personal firewall for Windows. It helps you protect your computer whenever you are connected to the internet by detecting intrusions and harmful virus and blocking them from accessing your computer. It monitors all the applications that connect to the existing network and blocks Trojans, backdoors, key loggers and other malware from damaging your computer and stealing your private information by being a spy.

PC Tools Firewall Plus is a very simple and easy to use application and gives you all round protection. Your computer gets more protection and is secure against almost all kinds of attacks. With its amazing features like Application Blocking tool, you can customize the access rights for programs running on your PC. You can set advanced filtering rules for network traffic, monitor activity logs, view history etc. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced computer user free personal firewall is great for anyone. So go ahead and give it a try to be protected and safe from all kinds of threats and virus.

PC Tools Firewall Plus only works with following programs:

Windows 7, Windows Vista 32-bit XP, Windows 2000 and server 2003.

[Note: Direct Download link (.exe file download) ]


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