HeidiSQL is a fantastic tool for controlling MySQL databases. The tool is simple to operate, easy to use and is open source software which means that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. It can be downloaded, installed and configured with minimal effort and in good speed. On the left side of the screen you have the hierarchy of the menus through which you can easily move through different database objects.

The selected database objects can be controlled through the options in the main window. You can also access the data in the selected tables using the tab assigned to data. You also can have the grid view of the entire table with a dedicated BLOB viewer displaying the BLOB fields separately at the bottom of the screen.

HeidiSQL has an excellent query editor which makes working with the databases an easy task by giving suggestions on the field and helping the completion of the query. This reduces typographical and other errors drastically and increases the efficiency of the tool usage. Other features include user management and export and import of databases,

The tool has a user friendly interface which is a boon for those who are developing web applications using MySQL database. The task of browsing and managing the databases and tables is made easy by the adoption of HeidiSQL.

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