In previous articles, we have seen how we can organize emails in Gmail using Labels And Filters and also we did learn how to use Gmail as a personal storage archive.

Creating a Powerful Online Database with Power Search Facility Using Gmail

In this article, I would be sharing information about how we can harness the power of GMail and create a nice system for online database storage with powerful searching abilities.

We are all quite familiar with the speed of e-mail search facility in the GMail accounts. In the technique which I am going to explain in this article, we will be using that very search speed for our advantage.

In fact, the search speed of GMail is a lot faster than the facility that is provided in the Google Notebook search. Additionally, you cannot send the data to your mobile devices from Google Notebook.

In this particular technique, you can easily save anything from the net in your Gmail account, and most importantly you can retrieve them fast, whenever you need them.

To start with, you will need to download and install the latest version of Google Toolbar on your computer. Our next task would be to use the GMail labels and filters to setup this whole database system.

Before proceeding further, let me first explain a little about the Labels and Filters in the GMail accounts, especially for the people who are not too familiar with them.

Read this post to learn how you can organize emails in Gmail.

Next step: Capturing the Online Information and Sending It to the Gmail Database:

While surfing through the financial websites, and whenever you want to archive some particular web page in your newly created database, just click on the “Send to” option on your Google Toolbar, and then select the option, GMail.

The browser will open a box, which will look pretty much similar to GMail compose box. In the email body, you will find the entire web-page which you wanted to archive. In this e-mail editor, you could add or remove the contents, depending upon your needs. Then, you can send it to your sub Gmail address, [email protected].

All your online research work will now be neatly archived under the Label named, Financial. Currently GMail allows you to have around 2.5GB of storage space, but we should be seeing them give us unlimited storage capacity like the Yahoo soon.

Similarly, you can create many Labels and Filters for organizing your online database.

Now, we will also need to know about how to search and retrieve particular emails from inside the specific Labels. The GMail search feature is very fast, and it also allows you to search fro particular emails from inside the specific labels.

The syntax for searching inside the specific Labels is, ‘label:labelname your-search-term’. Example, ‘label:Financial Market Focus

Within a couple of blinks, the search will pull out all the emails with the phrase, ‘Market Focus’ from inside the label, Financial.

Now we have a robust online database system with archiving and super fast searching ability. Have a nice day.


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