Bulk Download of MP3s with the Radiotracker Platinum

Are you a music freak who dreams of this magic box that will let you access and store thousands of songs, performances, and music files on your hard drive without any hassles? Well, then Radiotracker Platinum is just the right answer to all your prayers. This amazing software lets you download thousands of streaming music files from the internet and save it on your hard in the most popular formats as you please.

Here is a summary list of features that make this one of the most fantastic software packages ever!

  • Access to an inbuilt directory of more than 14,000 internet radio stations, encompassing more than 70 different genres of music.
  • Multiple streaming of music stations simultaneously on your PC, where the number of streams that are running at any time is unlimited.
  • Access to a free-of-cost, dynamic database of music choices that is synchronized to the radio station database.
  • A specialized Wishlist function that lets you prioritize artists and songs that you like and locate them in an intelligent manner on the web.
  • Well-designed interface that lets you manage the radio stations that you prefer – or choose to blacklist- and then download accordingly.
  • Wide range options in terms of formats, bitrate and other related parameters of the saved the audio files.
  • Additional features that include volume control of the saved files, transition functions, automatic ID3 tag editor, album cover, track information search, ring tone generator – the list just goes on and on.
  • Playback of audio CDs, burning of CDs, and synchronization of the stored music with portable players such as iPods.

These are simply a handful of the features that come with the Radiotracker Platinum. There is a free trial version that is available for download – and the full version is available at a price of $36.90.


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