AutoVer is a freeware configurable automatic system. It is one of the most potent backup and personal versioning systems. Most of the users optimize this tool to serve their data backup needs. The key advantage of this system is that once you activate this tool, you do not have to give it any further operational directions. Every time you switch on your PC it will conduct automatic backup and activate transparent version. Every file that you update or create gets automatically saved to your backup folder. This tool gives you the provision to browse all your back up files with backup browser and delete the unwanted files.

AutoVer can be effectively used to select numerous folders or folder tress at the same time. This will help you to keep a check on the changes made in the settings of each and every folder together. With this tool you can select any folder or sub-folder for backup. You can even restrict the backup of particular files to be included in your drive or backup folder.

AutoVer makes deletions and editions of old versions easy after a particular period of time. It is easily supported by MS Office and Visual Studio. It immediately opens the saved backup copies of files via your internet explorer. This tool runs separately in the system tray of Windows Operating System. Therefore, it does not occupy much of your space in the hard drive.

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