IDrive-E is a free online application that provides comprehensive back up services for data stored in the system. This service offers a back up space of 2GB without any restoration restrictions or bandwidth limitations. IDrive-E meaning, IDrive Encrypted is a complete automated backup service for your important files and data. With this application the users can set a schedule to backup their data to ensure the ultimate protection of their important files.

The best part of this IDrive-E is that, if the user is modifying the data, this application will conduct an automatic check on the data updates and keep maintaining their back up. It will restore each and every file while maintaining the hierarchy of placement during their back up. This application has inbuilt features that support the backup of mapped drives as well. It will ensure that the files are restored as back ups even when you log off or switch to NT Service mode.

The files and data that are maintained as back ups are saved in compressed formats by IDrive-E for saving enough space for the storage of other files. The Sync feature of this application helps users to display the contents of their IDrive-account in the manner similar to the way features are displayed in “My computer”. This gives you ease at learning all the features of this application at a go. You can easily restore numerous files with this application by optimizing the convenient method of drag-and-drop, incase you are working on the interface of Windows Explorer.

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