Presenting Presentations – Using Audio Effects

Presentation is the best method to brief statistical and technical information to audience. Recently, presentations are used for training, general meetings, reviews, monitoring the progress of sales and the list grows. It has become a very useful tool to provide the content, is precise and effective way to highlight the topic and get the audience understand the topic in a nutshell.

Sometimes, these presentations may contain high level of technical, statistical or numeric details which may induce sleepy eyes or glazed looks. There are various methods of making presentations interesting, such as incorporating pictures in the presentation to attract the audience.

For achieving the complete attentiveness of the audience, we use various special effects, and audio effect is one of such very useful method to keep the audience active and involved in the presentation. An audio-visual presentation is more effective than just a visual effect on the listener in understanding the concept. And choosing the right audio for the right situation / slide is very important aspect.

For example, we may play an audio of clapping while appreciating a team member for an outstanding performance. We may play a serious or inspiring tone while highlighting the drop in the sales. Or, while planning for a fun event, we may use a part of a film dialogue or a song to lift the mood of the members and induce fun in the room.

We may use few unconventional and funny sounds in the presentation. These sounds may also be downloaded as “.swf” format using RealPlayer. These downloaded sounds may be converted to “.avi” or other formats to incorporate in the presentation. These sounds may change the entire outcome of the presentation as these special effects are capable of projecting an ordinary presentation to a memorable one. Make sure to use the audio creatively to get the best presentation out.

Some samples:

1> Sad trombone.

2> Farting sound.

3> Drum rolls.


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