PdfMeNot is a simple online PDF viewer. This tool is ideal for uploading a document in PDF format and then converting it into SWF formatted flash movie. You can either browse the PDF file saved in your system, or even paste the URL of the PDF file for conversion. After converting the PDF files, you can either view them via a link or simply embed the new file on your webpage. This tool has been recently included in the Firefox extension for the convenience of the users.

So, if you are looking for a way to convert PDF files to SWF flash movies, then you can use this free service.

PDF, Portable Document Format is today one of the most popular formats in digital files. This is the most preferred formats for exchanging information to your peers and colleagues via online methods. This file format specializes at capturing the entire details of a 2-D document. Such a document includes text, images, fonts, 2-D vector graphics. These immense utility files, however, can be a big problem when it comes to speedy access. Mostly, download time of PDF files is larger than other files. Further, it takes more than usual time in getting transferred via email. To overcome this hindrance, it is better to convert this file format into Macromedia Flash. And to serve the purpose, PdfMeNot has been launched. It converts the entire PDF file into SWF format without tampering with the original layout, images or format.

PdfMeNot is a free online service which does not require any prior installation of plug-ins, software etc for its access. Just visit the site, enter the URL of the PDF document and click on convert.

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