Orbit Downloader is the latest version of the download manager. It is a program meant to assist web2.0 or new generation web-downloading. It helps to download music, video and media from popular applications such as Myspace, Imeem, YouTube, Rapidshare, Pandora and RTMP.

Since the software backs HTTP/ HTTPS/ FTP/ MMS/ RTSP/RTMP protocols you can download the rich media like You Tube with this software.

The software’s user interface is user friendly and hence both novices and professionals can operate it without hassles. The download process using Orbit Downloader is both simple and quick. This is because the software uses a unique p2p and multi-source technology for its downloads. The latest version is almost 500% quicker in its downloading ability that prior versions.

The program has a small footprint on your computer. It consumes lower than 3MB of computer memory and uses 3% of CPU only during the download process. These factors coupled with the small sized 2MB installation program makes this software very efficient.

Another useful aspect of Orbit Downloader is that it supports rapid sharing as it is compatible with all the major websites that proffer file-sharing services. It can stream files too from free-hosting websites.

Orbit Downloader makes your internet connection speedier and dependable through its convenient online video downloading capabilities. It can gel well with the major web browsers like internet explorer, Netscape, Maxthon, Opera and Firefox.

Orbit Downloader has a Grab++module that scans all audio, flash or video played on the browser to auto-find download link.

This freeware is 100% free of spy ware and ad ware.

[ Download OrbitDownloader ]


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