MusicTuner is a simple utility mp3 searcher for all the music enthusiasts. This tool considerably eases your search for your favorite music track across the World Wide Web. You just need to type some keywords related to your music file in its search window and leave the rest to this tool! This application will then search the web for your favorite track across the internet and present you a list of results within the program. It allows you to play your searched music file from within the program. You can further save your favorite numbers in a play list. Further, with the help of this tool, you can also learn about the details on the song played like lyrics, title, date of release etc by simply right clicking on the song.

Searching for your favorite MP3 on internet has never been an easy job. You are required to learn certain Google related search tips to dig out the track you want to download. You also need to key in certain key words to download your favorite artist and his songs. But not any more! Music Tuner makes your search for songs and music utmost easy. You no more have to scratch your heads for using the right key word to find the desired result. Just type a few words of the song on the search box of the application and you will be displayed with a list of songs in just a few seconds. Further, it also displays a list of related music video on YouTube.

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