To cater to image editing and enhancing needs, users often opt for Microsoft Paint, the default editing tool of Windows. However, owing to its very basic features, it is hardly used by professionals looking for upgrading the standards of their picture. Adobe elements, another specialized photo editing software though is world-renowned for its high-end features, is not available for free. Therefore, those looking for free and quality photo-editing options avail of the features of is free photo-editing software that is supported by Windows. Its unique features allow you to use your imagination to the hilt and design innovative pictures. The list of options like special effects, unlimited undo, layers, colors, power tools, unlimited history, active online community et al help you conduct experiments of sorts with your picture and share it across with your friends and colleagues.

The latest version in, is compatible with 64 bit mode in case both your operating system and processor also support this file format. This tool has been specially optimized for multi-processor systems., by many users is touted as a user friendly photo-editing tool that makes your editing experience easy and enjoyable. It has been designed to allow people to replace Microsoft paint as well as Adobe with a more compatible and accessible photo editing software.

This software is available for free. You do not need to install any other program to access All you need to do is make sure that the framework .NET Framework 2.0 has been installed in your system before downloading this tool.

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