Numerical computations are done with Octave which works on an interactive basis with the users. While the application is written in a language specifically used for mathematical computations, the functions which are user defined are written in more common languages such as C, C++ and FORTRAN or in Octave’s language.

Octave is freely licensed software,and the usage of Octave is easily understood by the user community especially the students. The program is also used in solving many practical commercial problems and find use in many areas related to research and teaching. The functionalities of the software are improving on a continuous basis in line with the needs of the user community.

Octave can successfully do many complex mathematical functions such as scalars and matrices based on integer, real or complex values. It can work on ordinary and algebraic differential equations. It finds solutions for nonlinear algebraic equations and does integration over finite and infinite intervals.

Octave has got an extremely good and helpful manual. Whatever you cannot find in the manual is available through a mailing support. Octave also has built in math functions, powerful function libraries and support for complex numbers. With all its complexity, Octave is very user friendly software which is an ideal fit for students to learn programming.

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