How Can I Access Internet Web Radio Stations In Streaming Mode? Is there a free software that will let me download streaming radio to MP3 and store it on my computer.

Screamer Radio is a desktop application which allows you to access the Internet Radio in the streaming mode. The application is freely downloadable and does most of its functions without much hassle. The quality of sound is good and the interface has some very good features which allow you to choose and play stations of your choice.

The application allows you to access web radio stations, mark them as favorites and have some of the URLs as predefined. You can have a database of stations and the program allows you direct recording of strreaming radio in MP3 format. The other supported formats are MP3, AAC, WMA and OGG. The application has many language options which appeal to the global audience.

Recording from the radio works very well and the users can do some good configuration changes to make it suitable for their needs. The application interface is user friendly and does not give any difficulty for the average user.

The application is far from perfect with the current version. Though the performance is all right for a casual listener, somebody who is a little specific on features and facilities will find it difficult to get along with all imperfections in the application.

Not all preset stations work well with some of them leading to a website rather than a radio station. One has to do a manual entry from the site to access the radio station.

Download Screamer Radio.


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