DriverBackup is a free multi-utility tool that allows you to save a backup package for the entire drives installed in your system. It saves you from the pain of downloading the drives again in case your system gets corrupted or damaged. This tool supports most of the operating systems including all the old and latest versions of Windows. The moment you install this application, it will automatically store the backup copies of all the Windows based drives in your system.

Your system file backups offer eminent protection against errors and accidental damages to your system. It is equally important to save the backup copies of all your drives saved in Windows XP. In case of the system crash or damage, you have to reinstall your entire operating system. You have to download all the software and hardware that got damaged due to the system corruption. Therefore, it is utmost important to maintain a backup copy of all your drives which can be used in times of such urgencies.

DriverBackup works at real fast speed. It can quickly make the backup copies of all your drives within no time. You can further re-save the contents or files of your back up copies to any desired location. It makes the backup process of system drives very easy. When this application is installed on your system, you just need to double click the icon and hit the “Start Backup” button. You can choose to backup all the drives in your system or simply select the Third party drives.

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